Our services


We are authorized to represent our clients in the procedures for obtaining patents before the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), the European Patent Office (EPO), the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). As such, we are subject to compliance with the rules of ethics of the Compagnie Nationale des Conseils en Propriété Industrielle (CNCPI) and the European Patent Institute (EPI).

For proceedings before other patent offices, we act through a network of specialized colleagues selected for the quality of their services.

Acquisition of rights

We carry out prior art searches, patentability studies, patent applications drafting, filing and monitoring procedures before patent offices. We help you build and develop your IP strategy according to the size and objectives of your business.

Defense of your industrial activities

Defense of your industrial


We carry out freedom to operate studies, infringement studies. We file and defend oppositions to patents owned by third parties before the European Patent Office. We also file oppositions before foreign offices in other countries (for example the United States, Australia, Japan) through our network of authorized counsel in each country.

In partnership with attorneys at law, we advise you in actions to defend your rights before the Paris Tribunal Judiciaire and the Paris Court of Appeal and since June 1st, 2023 before the Unified Patent Court (infringement, invalidity, titularity claim). Because it is essential to adopt a coherent approach to litigation, we coordinate cross-border litigation.

IP strategy

We take a global approach by carrying out an assessment of your company's intellectual property needs, such as contracts, patents, trademarks, design patents, licenses, prior art search, purchase and sale of technologies, company agreements, training etc… and offering you adapted services, if necessary in collaboration with specialists from our network. Depending on your needs, your means and your objectives, we support you in the implementation of the actions that you have selected.

Examples of actions carried out for our clients: assessment of the value of a patent portfolio, implementation of a compensation agreement for employee inventions, participation in the drafting of a consortium agreement, implementation of a procedure for declaring and managing inventions.

We are appointed by the INPI to carry out interventions within the framework of the Booster PI, Pass PI and Masterclass PI services.

We are approved by BPI as an expert in the context of the diagnosis of intellectual property strategy and valuation of intangible assets.


We work in close relationship with a network of specialists who share our values so as to be able to respond to all the requests of our clients: law firms, trademark attorneys, foreign patent attorneys, accounting firms, bailiffs. These collaborations are completely transparent to our clients: you know who has dealt with each aspect of your file. We choose the specialists best suited to your case and we coordinate their actions.


We regularly carry out personalized training in companies, adapting our presentations to technical themes and the needs of our customers.
For example :

  • Introduction to patents
  • Training of researchers in the patentability of inventions
  • Coaching of junior patent engineers

Technical skills

We have experience of a very large range of topics, with a strong experience in the fields of chemistry and materials, such as organic synthesis, plastics, therapeutic chemistry, petroleum products, catalysis, electrochemistry, cosmetics, food, polymers, paints, water treatment, glass or industrial ceramics, process engineering, iron and steel, but also the chemistry of life, such as biochemistry, plant chemistry, synthesis of peptides and proteins, cell culture. We also have experience of files in the field of mechanics: medical devices and surgical instruments, packaging, microfluidics, etc. If necessary, we work in collaboration with firms of our network specialized in biology, computer science or electronics.